Department of Medical Assistance Services
The Learning Network has been established to assist Department of Medical Assistance Services business partners in understanding more about the programs covered by Virginia Medicaid. As an added value, DMAS is providing an overview of previous provider training presentations.
Bullett MMIS Transition Information for DSS
Bullett Billing
Bullett Children's Services
Bullett Long Term Care & Waiver Services
Bullett Utilization Review
DMAS offers and implements training on VA Medicaid covered services and billing annually. As training sessions are planned, the appropriate provider types for a particular session are invited by mail. Not all provider class types receive instructor-facilitated training sessions every year. As a result, this DMAS Learning Network provides an added opportunity for those unable to attend training sessions.
The information in these presentations is not designed to replace the use of the appropriate provider manual for compliance with specific Medicaid requirements. However; you may download this information and use these tutorials in conjunction with the provider manual applicable to the service provided.
Should you have any questions in regards to the Learning Network, contact Michelle Watts. If you have questions regarding covered services, billing inquires and claims resolution, please call the Provider Helpline at 1-800-552-8627or 804-786-6273.
Bullett Current and Upcoming Training Events
Bullett Please follow this link to the recorded sessions