Department of Medical Assistance Services

The 2004 General Assembly mandated that DMAS develop a home- and community-based care waiver for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. This waiver became a reality in 2005 and will initially serve 200 individuals. Participants must reside in an assisted living facility (ALF) licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services, be in a safe and secure environment, meet Virginia’s criteria for nursing facility placement and be receiving an Auxiliary Grant (AG). In order to participate in the program, the ALF must meet certain criteria. The individual must not have a diagnosis of mental retardation or serious mental illness. It is estimated that the waiver would be approximately $50 a day per participant.
Individuals eligible to be placed on this waiver are currently either:
  • Remaining at home where an adult child is typically serving as primary caregiver;
  • Residing in an ALF without the benefit of specialized services;
  • Residing in a more expensive institutionalized nursing facility setting. Through the Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Waiver, recipients would be able to receive an appropriate level of care within special care units of ALFs. DSS determines eligibility for the AG program.
To initiate services, call the local department of social services to schedule an appointment to be screened for long-term care services. If hospitalized, request a screening from the hospital social worker or discharge planner. There is no cost to be screened to determine eligibility for the waiver. Individuals receiving AAL Wavier services must also be receiving an Auxiliary Grant (AG).

Enrollment is limited to 200 individuals and once 200 individuals have enrolled, DMAS will begin a waiting list.
  • Assisted Living: Assistance with activities of daily living, housekeeping, and supervision;
  • Medication Administration: Medication administered by a licensed professional;
  • Nursing evaluations: Evaluation by a LHCP;
  • Therapeutic and Recreational Programming: Weekly activity program based on needs and interests;
  • Individuals receiving AAL Waiver services also receive services through the Medicaid program. Examples include medications (for those individuals not covered under Medicare), physician visits, acute care hospitalizations, and certain therapies
AAL Waiver Regulations/Virginia Administrative Code - 12 VAC 30-120-1600 through 12 VAC 30-120-1680

List of Medicaid Providers
This spreadsheet is a list of enrolled Medicaid Providers who currently offer the Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Waiver Program (AAL). Please use this list to locate a provider in your area if you are in need of these services.
If you are an AAL Provider and your information does not appear on the following listing, please contact the Long-Term Care Division at 804-786-1835