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The Children's Mental Health Waiver was designed to serve children and youth with serious mental health issues who were residing in Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs). The goal of the program is to strengthen and empower the family unit by providing wraparound services to eligible children and youth in their homes and communities.

Bullett Children’s Mental Health Services and Rates
Bullett Enrollment Change for the CMHP — Effective Date 10/01/2012
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For the PRTF Storytelling Project and/or PRTF National Video for "Children and Families Having a Choice and Voice"

Bullett PRTF Storytelling Project and National Video
Wraparound Virginia

Bullett Announcing Virginia’s Center of Excellence (COE)
Bullett Trainings for Wraparound through CSA’s Center of Excellence (COE)
Bullett PowerPoint on Overview of Wraparound Training and Coaching Process
Bullett Webinar for Overview of Wraparound Training and Coaching Process
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