Department of Medical Assistance Services
To provide Virginians high quality healthcare and supports by coordinating the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid into a single, person-centered program.
Commonwealth Coordinated Care is a new initiative to coordinate care for individuals who are currently served by both Medicare and Medicaid and meet certain eligibility requirements. The program is designed to be Virginia’s single program to coordinate delivery of primary, preventive, acute, behavioral, and long-term services and supports. In this way, the individual receives high quality, person centered care that is focused on their needs and preferences.

The goals of this initiative include: improved quality and health outcomes, streamlined Medicare and Medicaid requirements, increased accountability, reduced burden for enrollees and providers, providing care in each individual’s setting of choice, and reduced avoidable services. Supplementary benefits will include care coordination, interdisciplinary care teams, and person-centered care plans.
As part of the sunset of the CCC program we are reaching out to our stakeholders to gather your thoughts on our transition from CCC to CCC Plus. Please see the link below to review our draft phase-out plan document. This document provides detail on the proposed phase-out plan and transition to the CCC Plus program developed by CMS and DMAS. Please review and submit comments to the CCC mailbox ( by August 15, 2017.
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