Virginia Medicaid

Approved SPAs

These state plan amendments (SPAs) have been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  These approvals allow the Department of Medical Assistance Services to make changes to programs, policies, or operational approaches, or to make corrections or updates.

Approved SPA Number Title Approval Date
SPA 21-001 Enhanced Behavioral Health - Part 1 06.14.2021
SPA 21-002 Removal of the 21 Out of 60 Day Limit 07.02.2021
SPA 21-003 Personal Care Rate Increase and Consumer-Directed Overtime 06.16.2021
SPA 21-004 Clarifications of DME - Revisions 05.14.2021
SPA 21-005 Removal of 40 Quarters Requirements 04.16.2021
SPA 21-006 Adult Dental 06.14.2021
SPA 21-007 Tribal Health Clinic 06.22.2021
SPA 21-008 Coverage of Mandatory Medication Assisted Treatment 06.02.2021
SPA 21-011 Tribal Consultation 06.07.2021
SPA 21-012 Repeal of Commonwealth Coordinated Care Program 06.25.2021