Virginia Medicaid

SPAs Filed with CMS

When the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) is planning to make a change to its program policies or operational approach, it sends a state plan amendment (SPA) to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for review and approval. DMAS also submits SPAs to request permissible program changes, make corrections, or update their Medicaid state plan with new information.

SPA Number Title Date Filed
SPA 21-001 Enhanced BH FINAL 03.25.2021
SPA 21-002 Removal of 21 out of 60 Day Limit FINAL 04.07.2021
SPA 21-003 Personal Care Rate Inc & C-D Overtime 05.18.2021
SPA 21-004 Clarifications of DME Revisions FINAL 03.23.2021
SPA 21-006 FINAL Adult Dental SPA 03.25.2021
SPA 21-007 Tribal Health Clinic FINAL 03.26.2021
SPA 21-008 Coverage of Mandatory MAT FINAL 03.25.2021
SPA 21-011 Tribal Consultation FINAL 04.23.2021
SPA 21-012 Repeal of CCC Program 05.18.2021
SPA 21-014 12-Month Contraception and NMPI FINAL 06.14.2021
SPA 21-015 Institutional Provider Reimbursement Changes 06.28.2021
SPA 21-016 Non-Institutional Provider Reimbursement Changes 06.21.2021
SPA 21-019 COVID Vaccine Administration Fee FINAL 06.01.2021
SPA 21-020 DSH Changes for Children's Hospitals 06.07.2021
SPA 21-022 COVID Vaccine for Plan First 06.21.2021