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Care Management

Care Coordination

All Cardinal Care Managed Care members can get help finding the right health care or community resources by calling your Health Plan’s Member Services. You can also call the Nurse Line or Behavioral Health crisis line 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk to an on-call nurse or other licensed health professional.

Care Management

If you have significant health care needs, you will receive care management. Care management helps to improve the coordination between your different providers and the services you receive. If you get care management, your Health Plan will assign you a care manager. Your care manager is someone from your Health Plan with special health care expertise who works closely with you, your primary care provider (PCP) and treating providers, family members, and other people in your life to understand and support your needs and goals.

How to Get a Care Manager

During the first three months after you enroll, your Health Plan will contact you or someone you trust (your “authorized representative”) to conduct a Health Screening. During the Health Screening, you will be asked to answer some questions about your health needs (such as medical care) and social needs (such as housing, food, and transportation). The Health Screening includes questions about your health conditions, your ability to do everyday things, and your living conditions. Your answers will help your Health Plan understand your needs and decide whether to assign you to a care manager. If you are not assigned a care manager, you can ask your Health Plan to consider giving you one if you need help getting care now or in the future.

How Your Care Manager Can Help You

Your care manager is someone from your Health Plan with special health care expertise who can help you manage your health and social needs. Your care manager can answer questions about your benefits and how to access them as well as help link you to other resources when you need them.

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