Virginia Medicaid

Policy and Provider Manual

HNS Policy & Operations Paper

The purpose of this document is to describe the preliminary operational design for the High Needs Supports benefit for interested stakeholders, including sister agencies, managed care organizations (MCOs), healthcare providers, policymakers, and advocates, among others. This paper also serves as a roadmap for DMAS and the Commonwealth more broadly, identifying the necessary implementation planning still required for 2020 and beyond. While the program design decisions memorialized below reflect substantial input from the Commonwealth’s partners, DMAS will continue to engage stakeholders and recognizes that the operational and implementation design of the High Needs Supports program will evolve.

HNS Public Comment Period

October 14, 2020 begins a HNS 30 day public comment period, as stipulated in the recently approved HNS Special Terms and Conditions. Within six (6) months of the demonstration's approval date, DMAS will afford the public the opportunity to provide meaningful comment on the progress of the demonstration. DMAS welcomes public comment on the entire High Needs Support benefit delivery system design as memorialized in the HNS Policy Paper . All comments received on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website in addition to comments received during the HNS Virtual Town Hall held on October 14, 2020 will be considered. DMAS expects to utilize the feedback received to inform future implementation and operational planning, stakeholder workgroups, and provider training. To share your comments or inquiries, use the link above which will take you to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall/General Notices, webpage.