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Your Medicaid Benefits Include Prescription Drugs

Your prescription drugs are covered at no cost to you under your health plan. Keep in mind the following requirements so that you can receive your authorized prescriptions with ease: 

  • Your health care provider must write your prescription.
  • You must use a network pharmacy to fill your prescription.
  • Your prescribed drug must be on your health plan’s List of Covered Drugs. If it is not on the List of Covered Drugs, your health plan may be able to cover it by providing a service authorization.
  • The use of the drug must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration or supported by certain medical reference books. Ask your health care provider if you have any questions about your prescription.
  • If you have Medicare, most of your drugs are covered through your Medicare plan. Medicaid does not pay for any drugs that are covered under Medicare Part D, including copayments.

Call the phone number listed on your Member ID card for questions regarding your pharmacy benefits. You can also refer to your member handbook for more information about your prescription drug coverage.

Check your drug coverage.

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