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Home and Community Based Services ToolKit

Assisting providers with coming into full compliance with the HCBS settings requirements per 42 CFR 441.301


DMAS is pleased to share with DD Waiver providers and other stakeholders a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Toolkit. This Toolkit will assist providers with coming into full compliance with the HCBS settings requirements per 42 CFR 441.301. Providers of group home, sponsored residential, supported living, group day and group supported employment services should use this Toolkit to identify areas of non-compliance with the HCBS settings requirements and to make updates, modifications and changes necessary to demonstrate full compliance.

The Toolkit consists of information and resources addressing the following HCBS compliance categories 1) organizational compliance, 2) values, principles and common language, 3) general requirements for all settings, and 4) additional requirements for provider owned and operated residential settings. The HCBS Toolkit reflects the new paradigm and culture in Medicaid home and community based services. As a provider of DD waiver services, Toolkit information and resources will assist you with identifying areas of needed improvement and strategies to ensure HCBS settings requirements are holistically incorporated into your organizational culture and practices in all settings.

Review the information and resources within each compliance category and identify areas where compliance needs to be established and/or strengthened. By using these resources and making needed updates and organizational changes, your organization and settings will be able to demonstrate full compliance with all HCBS settings requirements.

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