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Medicaid Fraud Alert

Please be aware that DMAS has been notified that Medicaid members in other states have received fraudulent text messages during the “return to normal enrollment” period that seek payment from the member to prevent the loss of their health insurance. In these fraudulent messages, Medicaid members may receive a text message saying that the member is at risk for cancellation of their health insurance benefits, or that their benefits have already been cancelled. The member is asked to call and speak to an “agent” who tells the member that it will cost several hundred dollars to reinstate their insurance. The “agent” asks for credit card or debit card information.

DMAS and/or the managed care health plans are sending text messages as part of our outreach campaign to alert households when they need to take action to renew their benefits. However, these texts do not include any personal information, and will direct individuals to return their renewal via phone, online, or by completing their paper form.

DMAS would never ask for credit or debit card information and does not need a payment of any kind

If you hear of any text message like this, please alert us immediately by calling Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282 (TTY: 1-888-221-1590) or send an email to:

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