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Medicaid Now Provides 12-Months Continuous Coverage for Kids

As of January 1, 2024, children under age 19 with Medicaid or Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) receive essential health care and preventive services for 12 continuous months, regardless of changes in circumstances.

Previously, a child's eligibility was reevaluated any time a change occurred, and their coverage ended if they no longer met all eligibility criteria. Now, in accordance with a federal provision applying to every state, children are enrolled for a 12-month continuous coverage period regardless of changes, with limited exceptions. The continuous coverage period begins on the date of enrollment or the last renewal.

Children can move between full-benefit Medicaid categories or from FAMIS to Medicaid but cannot move from Medicaid to FAMIS because this would be a reduction in coverage.

This new 12-month continuous coverage policy increases continuity of care for children and improves the ability to provide and track preventive services children are entitled to receive under federal law.

Learn more about this improved coverage for children with FAMIS or Medicaid on the DMAS website for providers.

Read the fact sheet.

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