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ARTS Providers ASAM Level 2.1 to 4.0

Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Residential, and Medically Managed Inpatient

Providers must submit the appropriate DBHDS license(s) for the level of care you are looking to provide to the DMAS Provider Services Solution (PRSS) vendor and each of the MCOs to start the credentialing and contracting process if not already in-network.

Note: New Virginia-based residential treatment facilities must submit pro-forma cost report data, which will be used to set the initial per diem rate based on an audited cost report for a 12-month period within the first two years of operation. Virginia-based Residential Treatment and ARTS Residential/non-hospital-based facilities that do not submit pro forma cost reports shall be paid at 75 percent of the established rate ceiling.

Detailed training on PRSS Enrollment can be found on the MES Public Portal under Provider Training. Find enrollment guides as well as video courses detailing how to enroll as a provider.

View this Town Hall presentation to learn more about PRTF/ARTS Facility Rate Updates. 

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