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Brain Injury Services


DMAS, in partnership with stakeholders, developed a targeted case management service for individuals with severe traumatic brain injury, per House Bill 680 that directed DMAS to:

"Update the State Plan for Medical Assistance to include a provision for the payment of Medicaid targeted case management services for individuals with severe traumatic brain injury.”

Program Development and Timeline

DMAS anticipates the implementation of brain injury services TCM occurring in two phases, provider enrollment and referral/authorization. Provider Enrollment began in August 2023 and DMAS anticipates individuals will be able to access and begin services in January 2024.

In relation to the workgroup efforts related to The Virginia Acts of the Assembly – Chapter 224 Enactment Clause 1, 308 CC.1-2, DMAS will also submit a budget package for Fiscal Year 2024 with costs for the waiver services as well as a request for authority to submit a waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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