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New Taxonomy Tips

Please remember to include a taxonomy code on ALL claims except pharmacy claims after 8 p.m. March 25, regardless of the date of service. A taxonomy code is a required field on paper, direct data entry, and electronic claims in the new Medicaid Enterprise System (MES).

You must fill in this field. If you fail to include a taxonomy code, your claim will deny. 

Visit the MES website for four lists of taxonomy codes that will help you find your code or codes based on your provider type and specialty. The “Comprehensive Taxonomy Code Listing” is for all providers. The “DD Waiver Services Taxonomy Guide," “CCC Plus Waiver Services Taxonomy Guide” and "Behavioral Health Taxonomy Chart" are designed for those specific Medicaid providers.

Beginning April 4, providers can access the new provider portal through the MES website to review the taxonomy codes assigned to their service locations.

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