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New Claims Reporting Process

Starting on April 4, 2022, providers must use taxonomy codes when they file all claims to identify provider types and areas of specialization.

DMAS will assign current Medicaid providers the appropriate taxonomy codes during the transition. We need providers to review your claims system and make sure you are able to include proper taxonomy codes on your claims.

As a current Virginia Medicaid provider, you should take steps now to prepare. Please contact your practice management systems vendor immediately and make sure that you are able to submit your taxonomy codes on all Medicaid claims.

A taxonomy code is a unique 10-character code established by national standards. Taxonomy codes are a national best practice that will ensure consistency for our providers who serve Medicaid members in multiple states. Taxonomy codes will also improve the Virginia Medicaid agency’s ability to fulfill federal reporting requirements.

You can find a listing of taxonomy codes on the website for the National Uniform Claim Committee.

If you are unsure which code to choose or cannot find a relevant code, you can contact us at

CTA Button: Check Your Code []

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