Virginia Medicaid


The Medicaid waivers are home and community based offering supports and services to a Medicaid individual, both children and adults. The waiver services will differ based on individual need and program criteria met.


  • Attention Fee for Service (FFS) Medicaid Members: For Client Services Information on the DMAS website, including the Medicaid Works program, Medicaid Handbook, Appeals, and Transportation, feel free to access this link at: For Applicants
    If you are in a Medicaid Managed Care Health Plan, refer to your health plan materials.
  • Updated EM/AT Provider List - See posted at the bottom of this Waiver website screen. This is a Fee for Service (FFS) provider list only.
  • E-MAIL IN BOX - For Consumer Directed Services Questions related to time sheets and service authorizations for fee for service CCC Plus waiver members, submit your question to:
  • E-MAIL IN BOX - For CCC Plus Waiver Questions related to program criteria and clarification of policy for fee for service members, submit your question to:
    NOTE: For CCC Plus Waiver members participating in a managed care health plan, submit your question to:

Consumer-Directed Care Services (CD)

Consumer-directed (CD) care is services provided when the consumer chooses to hire, train, and supervise their own personal care attendant. The Services Facilitator assists the waiver individual and their family/primary caregiver with the responsibilities of CD as they become the employer of record for the CD attendant. Agency-directed (AD) care is services provided by a personal care agency which offers personal care aides. The care needs may include the individual’s activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding, and mobility needs) and may also include light housekeeping, meal preparation and laundry.


  • For waiver members participating in the CCC Plus Health Plans (except Magellan Complete Care), the F/EA remains Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) at: For Magellan Complete Care waiver members, they will use the F/EA named ACES$ Financial Management Services - refer to:
  • Effective January 1, 2019, the Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) will be the new Fiscal Employer Agent for Fee for Service CCC Plus Waiver members who opt for consumer directed attendant services. Visit the CDCN website at:
  • For waiver individuals in Aetna Health Plan, please contact your Aetna Care Coordinator for information on your FE/A.
  • Effective July 01, 2019, VA Premier Health Plan has changed their FE/A from PPL to CDCN. Please contact your VA Premier Care Coordinator for information on your FE/A.

Overview - Developmental Disability Waivers (DD)

Currently, the following are the Developmental Disabilities (DD) waivers available: Building Independence (BI) Waiver, Family and Individual Support (FIS) Waiver and the Community Living (CL) Waiver

The DD waivers are offered to both children and adults with various levels of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. There are a multitude of services and supports offered under each waiver, depending on individualized needs and program criteria met.

Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Waiver (CCC Plus)

The CCC Plus Waiver (also known as the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Waiver), is a combination of the formerly known waivers titled: EDCD (Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction) waiver and the Technology Assisted (Tech) waiver. All of the waivers offer CD or AD services depending on individualized needs and program criteria met.